Profile: Shashank Satish

Educational qualification:

- Master of Creative Arts (Experimental Media Art Practices).

- Bachelor of Architecture.


Work experience:

- Founder / Artist-Curator / Architect at Holy Cow! Studio, Bengaluru. 

- Faculty Member at Srishti Institute of Art, Design, and Technology, Bengaluru, 2018.

- Intern at Khoj International Artists' Association, New Delhi, MAY - JUL 2017.

- Intern at Workbench Projects, Bengaluru, FEB - MAR 2015.

- Architecture intern at Ini Chatterji and Associates (Ice Factory), Goa, AUG - DEC 2014.

- Architecture intern at PAN Architecture, Gangtok, Sikkim, JUL - DEC 2013.




- Participating artist at 'Artists United!', India. Group show at Visthar, Bengaluru, MAR 2019

- Curated 'Portrait of Erosion' exhibition at Rangoli Metro Art Centre, Bengaluru DEC 2018, and Chennai Photo Biennale, FEB 2019 for Srishti Institute of Art, Design, and Technology.

- Founding Artist/Curator of Experiential Cognition Lab, 2017.

- Independent curator and artist at 'Insecure Science', a pilot art-science group show of the Experiential Cognition Lab, Bengaluru, NOV 2017.

- Artist at 'Set. Reset', a group show by Srishti postgraduate students, revisiting film residues at Aradhana Seth's 'House of Inquiry ', Goa, SEP 2017.

- Artist at the Augmented Reality workshop group exhibition at EyeMyth Media Arts Festival, Mumbai, AUG 2017.

- Artist at 'Science Gallery Bengaluru' events held at:

> BengaluruITE.Biz Expo, Bengaluru Palace,  2016.

> Serendipity Arts Festival, Goa, DEC 2016.

- Curated 'Science Gallery International' Artists' work at Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum and Cubbon Park Underground

   Metro Station for 'Festival of Stories' as a part of course at Srishti Institute, Bengaluru, 22-23rd OCT 2016.

- Curated events, workshops, talks, and exhibition for 'Designuru 2016', a festival of Design, Art, and Architecture in Bengaluru, APR 2016.

- Group Exhibition on Travel photography “Changing Lens” at Galerie Crescent, Bengaluru, NOV 2015.

- Poster design selected for permanent online collection at Mexican Museum of Design - “To Death with a Smile, 2015-16”.

- Mural at 'Hope villa' Open House Art Residency, Kodaikanal, DEC 2015.

- Part of Klatsch collective's winning Public art grant - Project 560 by the India Foundation for the Arts, Bengaluru, DEC 2015.

- Volunteered in hosting ‘Sonder Rus’ Music and arts festival at Mysuru, 2nd MAY 2015.

- Fundraising for victims of 2015 Nepal Earthquake by selling 'Holy Cow! Studio' merchandise in Bengaluru & Mysuru, MAY 2015

- Certificate of Citation for winning ‘361-degree Postcard Project’ at 361-degree Architecture Conference, Mumbai, 2014.

- Winning entry for Roerich museum design at Intercollege architecture fest - Inspirit ’12, MSRIT, Bengaluru (Group of 3).   









Modeling: Photography by for their new line of apparel, 'NERDQUAKE' 2016.







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