Intertextuality Encoded


[Edition One: 'StumbleUpon', the discovery and advertisement engine on the web was used for making this book which can no longer be accessed since the platform shut down in June 2018 after 16 years of operations.]

Intertextuality Encoded is an artist’s “book” disrupting and reflecting on the contemporary human condition of using interfaces to access information systems as encoded data.

- Shashank. Satish




The first edition of this book is a one of a kind artifact, intended to be read as a printed hardcopy that leads its reader from the interface of the book to the interface of the screen. The book contains information encoded as QR code along with text and images critically explaining intertextual narratives. The version you are about to read has instructions explaining the process of how to access the information within the pages of the book. Every reader will have their own version of algorithmic chance-narratives which can only be accessed through a personalized smartphone. The hardcopy of these narratives is printed on opaque and transparent sheets to intentionally make the information consumption of the book uneasy for the reader, unlike the readable version of the PDF format (hyperlink) suitable for the online reader/consumer of information.

Click on the hyperlink below to access PDF file of the Artist Book - "Intertextuality Encoded".