Synthesizing Juxtapositions, 2016

A multimedia exploration into the question: "What images do once they enter circulation in heterogeneous networks to expand the definition of art?" quoted by David Joselit in his book 'After Art' (David Joselit is an author and an American art historian).


Synthesizing Juxtapositions is a comment on how images of artworks across time and space can be manipulated to derive at different definitions of art when contextually juxtaposed. Selected images from Tate online archive are juxtaposed in a visual context of illustrations from the book 'Codex Seraphinianus' and in the context of audio from 'The dictionary of obscure sorrows', all drawn from sources in circulation on the internet, a heterogeneous network.

- Shashank Satish

Please find image references in the 'Synthesizing Juxtapositions' Youtube video credits.