Temple of Life, Mars

Wall text:

The granted performance of every breath of Oxygen on Earth has inspired me on my artistic quest to imagine a monument, celebrating the future arrival of Life on Mars. Addressing conditional notions of Space and Power, this project is envisioned as an extraterrestrial human refuge and a space for spirituality in a Posthumanist age as an architectural landmark of human aspiration to explore the cosmos. Emulating science fiction, ‘Temple of Life’ is an Architectural Monument conceptualized to make Mars habitable for human species among other life forms, in an otherwise uncertain future on Earth like the end of the age of the dinosaurs. This project is an early concept for Earth-like Mars, through the process of long-term planetary engineering or Terraformation in case of a probabilistic apocalyptic asteroid strike on Earth posing as a threat to the future of our species. 

The ‘Temple of Life’ is a conceptual terraformation architecture imagined on Mars that could generate life-sustaining Oxygen, using local subsurface ice under the Martian regolith and Cyanobacteria transported from Earth; a vernacular architectural model using fleets of autonomous, 3D printing of robots. The systems design and architecture are conceptualized to plug in onboard the Big Falcon Rocket designs, that were proposed by ‘SpaceX’ for future human missions to Mars. The pressurized Oxygen architecture ecosystem is a human outpost oasis on the Red Planet, fictionalized to be deployable in multiple phases. The Martian Regolith Monument houses the ‘Temple of Life’ as an ‘Aesthetic of Power’, that marks a shift in power that extends beyond Earth, this scalable modular architecture predicts an increased interplanetary migration, responding to the contemporary discourses of the human condition in redefining and occupying Space as the final frontier.