Holy Cow! Studio


By Shashank Satish



"I am a techno-spiritual soul, allergic to stereotypes, on an eternal quest to collaborate with creative minds. Often doing things no one asked for, discovering new artistic middle grounds of experienced realities. My Art Practice is situated in a triangulated relationship between art, science, and philosophy."

- Shashank Satish



Architect | Curator | Educator | Experimental Media Artist | Principal Investigator, XPC LAB

Founder, Holy Cow! Studio. Bangalore.



Mediums of Work:


- 3D Printing and Modeling

- Commissioned Art and Art installations

- Creative Education and Pedagogy

- Independent Curation

- Design and Architectural Consultation

- Exhibition and Experience Design

- Graphic Design Services

- Illustrations and New Media Art

- Image-making

- Painting and Photography

- Research and Scholarship



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