Anubhava Podcast by the Experiential Cognition Laboratory

A podcast series on the Art, Science and Philosophy of Experience. 2020 - 2024

Host: Shashank Satish, Principal Investigator at XPC LAB since 2017




Anubhava: A Podcast by XPC LAB

Episode 1: Art meets Science

Listen to conversations between artists and scientists from an Art-Science Panel

Discussion on Creativity and Laboratory Culture at NCBS, Bangalore 2019.

Lab Culture Exhibition Panel Discussion: Creative Conversation with Scientists

Moderators: Dr. Shashi Thutupalli and Artist Shashank Satish.

NCBS Scientists on the Panel: Dr. Sanjay Sane, Charushansini K, Varsha N T, Suraj R C, Rishav

Mitra, and Artist Dhara Mehrotra.

Special thanks to Dr. Vivek Ramachandran at the Museum and Field Stations Facility at NCBS.

Curated by Ishita Shah and Netra Ajjampur.

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Released 1 Dec 2020 • 45 min





Anubhava XP2: Philosophy of Experience

This is the second episode of Anubhava, the first of two episodes with Dr. Sundar Sarukkai where we unpack and trace the Philosophical roots of Experience and its role in Art, Science, and Society.

What is the domain of Experience in Philosophy? #philosophy #experience #phenomenology #consciousness #anubhava #xpclab #art #science #society

In this episode, we try to investigate the ontology of the term ‘Experience’ through examples ranging from ancient Indian treatises on performing arts like the Natya Shastra to Western Phenomenology otherwise known as the Philosophy of Experience. Join us in this discerning conversation on Anubhava and its inseparable relationship to our everyday lives.


Anubhava XP3: Experience in Art, Science and Society.

This is the third episode of Anubhava, the second of two episodes with Dr. Sundar Sarukkai where we unpack and trace the Philosophical roots of Experience and its role in Art, Science, and Society.

What is the domain of Experience in Philosophy? #philosophy #experience #phenomenology #consciousness #anubhava #xpclab #art #science #society

Sundar Sarukkai:


Anubhava XP 4: Experience, Architecture and Consciousness.

Anubhava XP 5: Sites of Exactitudes: Between Practice and Theory of Architecture

What is the relationship between architecture, experience, and consciousness?

What is the purpose of art and architecture? and how do we inhabit and perceive them in everyday life? 

What is the role of architects in society?

How do we remain in a state of creative tension between practice and theory?

Join us as we explore these questions in the 4th and the 5th episodes of the Anubhava podcast, as have Ar. Prem Chandavarkar eloquently talks about consciousness and its palpable experience of our built environment, while sharing stories and examples that matter to the level of Spirit in Architecture.

This 2 part series of the Anubhava podcast by the Experiential Cognition Lab is an attempt to answer some of our favorite and relevant questions on consciousness through the lens of Mr. Chandavarkar’s experience and knowledge in and of architecture. Episodes 4 and 5 explore various ideas from Juhani Pallasama’s book ‘The  Eyes of the Skin’ to Prem’s won ‘Aesthetic of Absorption’ essay that has influenced his thinking and practice.

Prem Chandavarkar:




Anubhava XP 6: Art, Experience and Absurdity

What does it mean to be contemporary in art practice?

What is the relationship between art and experience?

What is cognitive dissonance and how do artists employ absurdity in their artworks? 

Cognitive dissonance is when your brain feels uncomfortable because you have two ideas that don't agree. It's like disagreeing with your head, and it makes you want to change one of those ideas to make things feel better.

Join us in this 6th episode of the Anubhava podcast with Sajid Wajid Shaikh to explore how and why juxtapositions of familiar objects in unfamiliar contexts evoke uneasy questions and to understand the phenomena of cognitive dissonance through evoking absurdity in his art. Sajid also shares the process of creation and its mediums of dissemination which feeds back into his work as he discusses the immediacy and intimacy of art experiences online and galleries alike.

Sajid's Instagram profile: sajidwajidshaikh


Poster image credit: Untitled. (Impossibility of reason with a banana) by Sajid Wajid Shaikh | This Episode was recorded in Sep 2023

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