Forming in the pupil of my eyes


'Forming in the pupil of my eye' is an exploration in film, documenting Kochi-Muziris Biennale artworks before they were captured by my camera playing the role of an external pupil. The shots are played in reverse throughout the duration of the film until just before the closing scenes to emphasize on what was formed in the pupil of my eye in due course in context to the curatorial statement for the Biennale, "Forming in the pupil of an eye". A debut experimental approach to capture the essence and aesthetics of the third edition of Kochi Biennale, in conversations with founder, Bose Krishnamachari and curator, Sudarshan Shetty on film.

Forming in the pupil of my eye, 2017: Duration - 35 min 

A Film by Shashank Satish

Best viewed in 720p HD Quality on a good internet connection.



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