Digital Architecture Workshop

Title: Straight Wave

Faculty: Shashank Satish. WCFA, Mysuru.

Medium: Rhinoceros 3D modeling, wood, strings.

The permanent installation was developed along with students from the Digital Architecture elective course. The Digital Architecture Workshop at the Wadiyar Centre for Architecture, Mysuru ran for 3 days in December 2021 where students learned parametric design tools like Rhino 3D and were involved in hands-on work at the wood workshop to imagine and produce an installation on-campus that explored how a digital conceptualization of an idea can be manifested into a  spatial intervention.

The installation was conceptualized and designed based on the observation of people's movement in the foyer space at the entry to the WCFA campus. The wooden blocks drop down in varying heights from the ceiling in a grid to let new ways of occupying and interacting with the space, this allows for new kinds of movements and behaviors of material and bodies within the architecture of the place.


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